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Cabernet - Wine List

2012, Groth, Reserve, Oakville, Napa Valley


"Perfect, classic, abundant" describe the 2012 vintage. Quality and quantity were in great supply in the 2012 harvest. Beautiful Spring, Summer and Fall weather highlighted the growing season. With very few concerns, winegrowers and winemakers were able to sit back and allow Mother Nature to strut her stuff – and strut she did. The vintage was, literally, a mirror image of the classic 2005 vintage – climate–wise, yield-wise and quality-wise. Great aroma development, phenomenal extraction and unctuous flavors were the result of patience and creativity. The big crop required a great deal of flexibility and ingenuity in the cellar as tank, barrel and cellar space became squeezed toward the end of harvest. But we all endured and made some memorable wines from a spectacular vintage. It is one for the ages!

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