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Sicily - Wine List

2015, Odisseo, Potta ‘cca, Petit Verdot


"Pòtta 'ccà" is an idiom from the town of Modica in Sicily, where the winemaker Candido was born. The name of the wine means "Bring here!”, it is an invitation to fill the glass with this varietal delicacy from the southwest of Sicily.
This great wine is made of 100% Petit Verdot. To gently extract the color and tannins during fermentation, the winemaker uses the Délestage technique, an intensive immersion of contact the juice with the skin of the grape.
The color is a garnet red with violet reflections. The bouquet shows harmonious notes of fragrant blackberries and rose petals. The palate is flattered by a velvety texture and balanced tannins.

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