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Four-Course Wine Dinner - Flowers and Faust Vineyards Wine Dinner
Caffe Riace

Four Course Wine Dinner 95.++


Spring Wine Dinner
114.00 includes 20% gratuity (tax applied at checkout)

Wine Splash - Paired with Flowers Rose

Crostini (V)with hand-packed ricotta cheese and Sicilian Honey
Mini Arancine (V) Panko dusted arborio risotto balls, mozzarella

Salad - Paired with Flowers Chardonnay
Insalata di Burrata (V): burrata cheese, nectarines, and pomegranate balsamic reduction 

Pasta Course - Paired with Flowers Pinot Noir

Bucatini Carbonara: Pancetta, cream, egg yolk, garlic
Spaghetti Carrettiera (V): Garlic, red pepper, EVOO, parsley, Parmigiano

Main Course - Paired with Faust Cabernet

Melanzane del Vegetariano (V)
Bistecca: rib-eye steak with garlic and herbs

Mini Cannoli and Tiramisu Bites

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